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My name is Canan Usdu. I'm an architect and founder of Line + Nest. When I started working as an architect over 20 years ago, sustainable design was an emerging field in the US. Not many of our clients were aware of sustainability as they are today. Over the years, by simple initiatives like introducing smart/zero waste solutions to their buildings and offering more sustainable building materials, we’ve raised the awareness of sustainable design. Clients have became more knowledgable of the concept and they want to be actively engaged in the movement.

As a designer, I have seen a lack of lifestyle products that practice the same sustainable concepts. I created my online shop to feature sustainable, unique, and affordable everyday use products that focuses attention to detail and practicality. At Line + Nest, you'll find simple and inviting, plastic-free, low-waste living products supportive of a minimalist lifestyle that emphasize sustainable natural materials created in small, slow production collections.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and join me in my plastic-free / low-waste living journey.


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